Advertise your horse for sale

Advertise your horse for sale

Now you have the option to advertise your Icelandic Horse for sale on the IHAA site, reaching interested buyers worldwide.

To advertise your horse, follow these 3 simple steps below:

  1. Download the supplied template (word 505KB or pdf 116KB), which will assist you to collect all necessary information. You can use the word template to add the info right into the file or you can use the pdf to print and handwrite the details. Alternatively you can also create your own sales advert artwork, please contact us for the correct specs.
  2. Source a selection of interesting photos of your horse
  3. Email your completed template (if handwritten, please scan) and all relevant photos to Since the photos will be uploaded online, they do not need to be high resolution, but still need to be of good and sharp quality.

Your details will be added as a post to the ‘For Sale’ Section and you will also have the option of your horse being advertised in New Zealand – we have a joint agreement with the equivalent Icelandic Horse Association in New Zealand

Please double-check your details thoroughly before sending it in, IHAA takes no responsibility for incorrect details.
IHAA will not liaise in any sales procedures, potential buyers have to contact the vendor through the contact details supplied in the sales post.
Avoid adding a sales price to your advertisement as IHAA’s mission is to advertise the beautiful and versatile nature of the Icelandic Horse and not to compete with other horse sales channels. Pricing can be discussed on first contact.
Please inform us once the horse is sold, so that we can disable your post. If you have any feedback from the new owners (photos, videos) feel free to share that information with us for a follow-up post.